Recent Zoom Yoga with Zoe Reviews:

"Zoe is extremely affable, engaged, hyper-aware of her students, dutiful to the particulars and details of the poses, and is interested in combining new sequences. She always has a new thought to begin and end the yoga practice, which is well considered." 

"An amazing teacher, and video doesn't seem to have limited her at all. She watches carefully and corrects gently. Also praises enthusiastically!"

"Good instructions with details that help follow along. Clear and easy to understand, positive, cheerful and encouraging. Zoe is a really good and attentive teacher." 

"Zoe is my favorite yoga teacher, hands down. Her classes are well-thought out and her curated playlists are absolute fire." 

"I really enjoyed Zoe's class! She has a positive, calm energy that makes you feel welcome. I also feel like the poses/sequences were unique (and therefore more fun/engaging). Thank you, Zoe!"

"Zoe is an amazing instructor and human -- zoom doesn't in any way diminish her carefully thought out and attentive yoga classes."

"Zoe's class kicked my spiritual ass in the exact way it needed to be kicked!"

"ZOE'S THE BEST. SHE KNOs and encourages her students-- even over zoom. So glad I can still practice with her."

"I liked her pacing most of all, her music choice, and her ability to differentiate for different levels. It was a challenging, invigorating and enjoyable experience."

"Zoe is a true master of her practice and inspires me on a spiritual, physical, and psychological level. Her classes provide a perfect balance of zen and physicality, and she has taught me to better connect with my own mind and body." 

"Amazing class as always and it was good to get some feedback from her during the class!" 


Bio: Hey beautiful wonderful people! It's me, Zoe. I absolutely love teaching and practicing yoga. Growing up in South Florida as a child of hippie parents, I started doing yoga at age 8. My main ethos is maintaining a beginners mind with my practice, learning new things along the way. I teach in a non-dogmatic fashion, but love to weave in different philosophies I pick up in my personal studies. I am now currently based in Los Angeles and teaching on Zoom these days! When I am not doing or teaching yoga I like to play in the sunshine, listen to music (I LOVE making playlists), and roller skate!