Zoe Wirth is a sincere and spirited yoga teacher based in Los Angeles, originally from Florida, and in her heart calls Miami Beach her home. Integrating joy into yoga practice is her main focus. After working for years in the fast-paced fashion industry as a stylist, Zoe found peace through yoga, eventually making the shift into full-time yogi after completing her RYT at White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara California.


With a naturally curious mind, Zoe is an eager student, consistently sharing new things she’s gathered along the way. She is known for integrating humor into her class while holding a meditative space where students can connect to their physical bodies from an internal experience. “What I love the most about yoga is that it’s boundless, no real goal or end game, this notion takes a lot of the pressure off, finding fun and freedom in practice; I take my classes to a place where if you fall, smile-but watch your teeth.”

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